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Types of Decking

Types of Decking

Decking Materials Used

Bristol Decking Pro is your key to unlocking the beauty of your lawn. It specialises in building decks to home and properties who love to engage in enhancing outdoor living space.

The types of decking available in the industry are truly stunning given their architectural appeal. They genuinely give your place a value for your investment. We have been in this industry for many years and have served customers in Bristol and other areas in the UK.

Types of Decking

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A raised deck is perfect for pleasant viewing—if it is your very purpose of having it built—preferably when you love gazing at the sunset or observing birds flap their wings in midair.

Raised decks are also known as floating decks, because they let you feel like floating when you’re above the ground a little bit higher than the base. In a raised deck, you have the vantage point over the things you see below.

You can opt for a garden deck if you have your lawn landscaped. It is a perfect spot adjoined to the garden and serves as a barbecue nook for your guests. Garden decking lets you enjoy your outdoor space while looking at your ornaments. It is perfect for holding parties at night, small get-together with your family or friends.

How about a patio decking, have you thought about it? Patio decking is another decking type offered by Bristol Decking that aims to complement your home’s functional outdoor space. Some people get confused between a patio and a deck. They are two different things. A patio is also an outdoor space usually paved with tiles, stones, bricks, or concrete. While a patio decking is making use of that “space” intended for your patio by placing a deck made of boards and planks. While a patio is almost always adjacent to your home’s living room, kitchen or dining, patio decking could be the perfect project for that space!

Another amazing decking diversity is the raised decking. We build and design raised decks according to the applicability of certain factors. We inspect your place and we agree on the most appropriate wood material for your build. A raised deck, in its sense, adds stair to its design. It is built on the ground with a concrete enforcement under it, so the deck does not directly touch the ground. Withb this, we ensure that we construct it even with the toughest sloping of your ground. Our skilled builders know what to do.

The sun is another major enemy of the wood. It really breaks down the finish of the wood, from handrail to the stairs, anything that is exposed to the sun may soon wear off than those parts hidden under a shed.

The secret to keeping your deck immaculate is to maintain it and have a periodic repair before any problem blows off.

Our builders are highly experienced professionals that can come up with a stunning deck for your home. Let us begin adding a deck into your place and create a cozy corner for everyone.

We can make your home’s outdoors a worthwhile space that you can cherish day in and day out.


Types of Decking

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Types of Decking