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Decking Maintenance and Repair

Decking Repair & Maintenance

Decking Cleaning & Maintenance

How would you feel like staying in a place infested with bugs or moss? What if your deck looks untidy and the wood is slowly chipping away that instead of being glorious about it you end up hating it because it feels a little bit dangerous and you feel itchy when you stay on?

The secret to keeping your deck immaculate is to maintain it and have a periodic repair before any problem blows off.


Decking Maintenance and Repair

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Patios, Paths and Garden Decks

Decking is an outdoor living project made of wood planks and timber for support. While it is almost made of wood, it is expected that wood materials would rot in any way, anytime.

Most decks are built within a landscaped garden, around the pool, or on a patio area. Since it is built outdoors, humidity and moisture is high from weather. Moulds, algae, fungi, and any wood-boring insects would thrive and accumulate and slowly destroy the wood material that composed the deck. Hence, the type of wood you use dictates the stability of the deck and should conform to the kind of weather in your area.

For cold climates and high-humidity areas, your decking may not last, thereby it is best to give much importance on maintenance and repair. Also, the sun is another major enemy of the wood. The sun really breaks down the finish of the wood, from handrail to the stairs, anything that is exposed to the sun may soon wear off than those parts hidden under a shed.

A deck could be a wise choice if you want something added as an outdoor space created for leisure, spending time with people or just being alone. It could be directly connected to your indoor, opening a smooth transition going outside. However, all could only be spoiled if you deck cracks the moment you step on.

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Decking Maintenance and Repair

In Bristol Decking, we know that the day would come when your deck needs cleaning. Though simple day to day cleaning can be done by you, the upkeep handled by skilled builders is more reliable than you ever thought. Here in Bristol, we do period inspection of your deck and ensure that it is properly maintained.

What are the things to check for? A minor issue if left unchecked can cause major damage.

  • Warped planks, cracked joints
  • Mold, moss, and mildew growth
  • Loose connections, such as nails and screws
  • Rotten portion of wood

What to repair

After your deck builders has identified the problems, they are going to fix them based on your agreement. What are these possible repair?

  • Replace broken boards. Deck boards get broken due to rotting. Since the wood becomes brittle, it cracks. And it is not suitable to maintain broken boards as they may pose danger.
  • Re-varnish. Having a recoat of the boards will give your deck a new look. Besides, varnishing the wood will strengthen them and keep them from rotting.
  • Scrub growing moulds, mildew, and algae. If you have no idea what kind of cleaning material you need for this method in order to avoid soaking the wood with water, consult our builders. Abrasive materials and harsh chemicals may damage the wood. Powerwash is recommended, too.

Prevent further damage by giving your deck a periodic checkup. Staining is one way to protect it from harmful elements that attack wood, and this is done to ensure that these attackers won’t make your deck ugly.

Protect your decking for a lifetime with The Bristol Decking Pro

As many people value their homes even more, make it a habit to give importance to it, too. Keep your deck from damaging stains and protect it with coats and keep it alive as long as you wish. Engaging into our decking solutions means that you are more than happy and convenient in making your home a cozy place. 

Reach out to us and discover what we can do for your deck!

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Decking Maintenance and Repair